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Tourism encompasses every product and service offered to tourists and business executives who are away on holiday or business. Tourism is the fastest growing industry in South Africa, providing an ever-increasing contribution to South Africa’s economy. You could choose to be based in an office, booking flights and organising accommodation or guiding tours and engaging with tourists.

How is the programme structured

Students complete three certificates (N4-N6) and 18 months of in-service training, at the end of which a Diploma in Tourism is awarded.

What will I Learn

N4Tourist Destinations N4
Travel Services N4
Tourist Communication N4
Travel Office Procedures N4
N5Tourist Destinations N5
Travel Services N5
Tourist Communication N5
Travel Office Procedures N5
N6Tourist Destinations N6
Travel Services N6
Tourist Communication N6

What is the minimum entrance requirements

Grade 12

Each level takes 6 Months full time to complete (total of 18 months to complete the theory) and then 18 months practical. Generally it takes 3 years to qualify for a National Diploma.