SACCI WBE ICASS Project- L4 Office Administration

This is a Swiss South African Co—operation Initiative. It is also a pilot project summoned by DHET and accredited by Umalusi. The purpose of this project is to allow FET Colleges to prepare their students for employ ability. Work experience plays an essential role in this. It provides students with an understanding of the nature of the workplaces in their chosen field of training and builds their capacity to apply their college learning in the context of real workplace operations.

In addition, it provides workplace—relevant social and communication skills, which enable students to effectively work in teams and engage with customers. Workplace experience is also a key ingredient in graduates being able to start and succeed in their own business ventures.A lack of workplace knowledge and experience is a huge stumbling block for graduates entering the world of work. It limits their ability to access work and their ability to cope in a work environment.

There are clearly many benefits for students who obtain WBE as part of their studies. However, there are also many benefits for the colleges and the employers involved in providing WBE.. .9The Minister of Higher Education and Training reconfirmed the role of FET colleges in providing work experience for students and graduates to bridge their entry into the world of work. In his keynote address at the launch of Quality Council for trades and occupations he said: “We now know that college training is, on its own, not enough.

If workplace learning does not complement the learning done at colleges, we could well find that the youngsters we work so hard to train remain unemployed after they qualify.”It is against this background that the College will be piloting these project for Office Administration Level4 students during June /July holidays. 40 students will be placed with different host employers for 10 days. Each student will be given a task book to fill in. On completion of the task book the student will give it to their Lectures for marking. This will replace their ICASS task two. Student Support Services would like to thank all the host employers who will be participating and ensuring that this project becomes a success.