Current Learnerships

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Current Learnerships

1.NC: Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities NQF level 1- Merseta (13 learners) NSF Funded

2. NC: Automotive Repair and Maintenance NQF level 2 — Merseta (13 learners) NSF Funded

The 2 learnerships commenced in August at the Cato Manor Campus this year and expect to be
completed in June 2014. Both learnerships are funded by NSF. However, Merseta has committed to finding placement for learners for the work placement component of the learnership. Learners were sourced from the Local Economic Development office in Umkhumbane since it is close to the Cato Manor Campus in terms of accessibility for the learners. This is also a very poor area and through these two projects 26 people from this area will benefit from the training and become employable.

Completed Learnerships

NC: Building and Civil Construction NQF level 3 — Ceta (98 learners from Rural areas of KZN) Narysec Programme.

1. This Project commenced in September 2012 at the Cato Manor Campus and Fundamentals and Practical training was completed in February 2013. Students were accommodated in Durban at the Moon Hotel. All 98 learners completed and passed this component of the programme. The students are now in various stages of work-placement. It is anticipated that 30 learners will graduate around May in 2014 while we are working closely with the Dept. of Rural Development and Land Reform and the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) to arrange work placement for the remainder of the learners.

2. NC: Building and Civil Construction NQF level 3 — Ceta (62 learners from NW Province) Narysec Programme

This Project commenced September 2011 and internal training was completed in February 2012. Students were accommodated in Durban and supported in terms of finding work placement. A group of 40 learners graduated on 29 November 2014 at NW Province having completed all three components of the learnership — theory, practical training and work placement. Thekwini College is tne 1st College to complete this programme of all the Public FET Colleges that commenced this project nationally.

Livelihood/SMME Mentorship project

This project involves 20 learners and is funded by NSF. The Project commenced in August 2013 and will end in June 2014. A need was identified for mentorship and support of SMMEs who completed the SMME training that was sponsored by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism at Public FET Colleges between 2008 and 2012. This Project is a Pilot Project that is providing support to SMMEs to take them to the next level through mentorship, networking and relevant interventions identified by the SMMEs themselves. The project is based on my PhD research that involves Social Entrepreneurship, the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework approach and Action Research. This is therefore a “bottom—up” approach that involves the learners in the development oftheir businesses and themselves in a holistic way. The group meets on the 1st Monday of every month to track the progress
of each of the businesses, In the periods in between we work with individuals to provide the relevant support and training required for the growth of the businesses. The response from the learners in terms of their growth and knowledge has been very positive. Once this project has been completed in June, it will be evaluated and there is the possibility of expanding the project at Thekwini and other Public FET Colleges in KwaZu|u—Natal in 2014.

W&R SETA School of excellence

Thekwini College is one of 4 Colleges in KwaZu|u—Natal that has been identified to host the W&R Seta School of Excellence). This project is a Public/Private Partnership involving the College, the W&R Seta and industry within the W&R Seta sector. The SOE will commence in February 2014 at the Centec Campus and will train the youth in scarce skills and critical skills for the W&R Sector thus making them employable.


These are self-funded programmes offered at the Cato Manor Campus. Only accredited programmes will be run from 2014 onwards.
All the Seta partnerships (Merseta, Ceta, W&R, Services Seta Sasseta, FP&M Seta) involve the
development of accredited learning programmes as well as work placement for Thekwini College students.

Partnerships with industry (Unilever, Decorland, F.G. Knights, Boxer, Massmart and Spar) will benefit our students though work placement and employment. W&R Seta stakeholders have committed to only employing students from the Public FET sector.

IEECO —Peer Afrika and VNA Solutions will benefit the College through environmentally focused projects and programmes.

Narysec (Dept. of Rural Development and Land Reform) is a long-term partnership to develop and train rural youth.

All other partnerships are aimed at expanding the College Programme Qualification Mix (PQM) and assisting in making the youth employable.