Devani-Govender-Self-PotraitDevani Govender was selected as top achiever from the Introductory Class. The decision to select Devani Govender as the ‘Top Achieving Student for 2013’ was a unanimous one. The lecturers were all in agreement as this student stood head and shoulders above the others in terms of the level of work produced as well as in her work ethic. This counts as quite an achievement as the 4 disciplines — Graphic Interpretation, Form and Colour, Drawing and Painting and Sculpture – vary greatly. Students that excel in one do not necessarily flourish in the others. And this is why Devani’s accomplishment is so unique. Being an unassuming and shy young woman, she allows her work to speak for itself — and does it speak volumes to Her intention to follow in her father’s footsteps in the graphics field is sure to be a successful path to travel. If Einstein’s take on success being 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration is to be believed, then Devani is on a sure—fire path to success as she brings both to the table.

Thekwini FET College in Durban is the only Public FET College offering Art and Design as a Diploma Course. The art and design diploma is offered at the Centec Campus and covers anything from fine art and sculpture, to arranging an exhibition, to designing a product, or creating graphics or logos. And it’s an exciting field of study, in which the learner can truly develop his/her passion in a practical, creative way.

The course teaches how to develop ones craft — and learning from experts, means getting expert tuition and a good insight into life after study. Of course, along with the practical
comes the theoretical, so, as well as producing a series of paintings/ sculptures/jewellery/products/graphics, the learner will need to demonstrate knowledge of other techniques, the history, technology and materials, and perhaps even a bit about business and marketing. By the end of the diploma the learner should have an immense portfolio to demonstrate his/her technical and creative skills to future employers. As art and design can be solitary pursuits, the learner will also have learned how to work independently, researching ideas, and experimenting with new materials and technology.

The theoretical aspect of the diploma will mean that the learner will be able to put his/her work into some sort of context. For example, one should be able to explain why one chose a
particular style of work, social or human context that has played a pivotal role in influencing the artwork.

Thus after much training and inner creative development the Art student is on the way to becoming an Artist in his/her own right.

Centec Campus offers both an Introductory Art Course as well as a Diploma in Graphic Design.

The Introductory course is specifically designed for students that are creative but have either not done art before or do not have the necessary skills to take them directly to a Diploma Course. With the assistance of highly skilled and experienced lecturers, these students who walk through the doors with nothing but a passion for art, walk out ready to pursue their dreams of a career in graphic design, jewellery design, interior, fine art and even architectural technology. With the level of training received at Centec and the solid foundation that is given, these students are sought after by the top institutions and go on to not only excel, but to top their classes at these institutions.

The introductory course sets the groundwork in graphic design, drawing and painting as well as sculpture and eramics allowing the student to confidently pursue any avenue related to art.

The Graphics Diploma is a much sort after 3 year course offered by Centec. The computer lab is equipped with state-of-the—art computers The first 18 months is high pressured as the students are trained and given all the skills required to enter the industry for the following 18 months of in—service training. This is a great advantage to students as, once they have received their diploma, they are not only ready to enter the industry but have already gained valuable work experience — lack of experience is usually the drawback for newly qualified students,

The exhibition showing off the works of the Introductory as well as the Diploma students bears testimony to the level of excellence achieved by the Department of Art and Design. The artwork was of such a high standard that both the public and Thekwini staff and management were vying to purchase these works.