Thekwini TVET College Opening doors to your future

Wisdom, knowledge, and courage are learned from experience. Please share our joy as our 2017 graduates finally accomplish an important and enduring goal . Our graduates have studied their books and passed their examinations. Now it’s time to celebrate for doing their best. College is done, Look out world, here They come, Thekwini TVET College is proud to announce it’s 2017 graduation ceremony as per the invitation below. Please join the College in celebrating its achievement.


To Our Graduates:

Chase your dreams. Burst out at the seams. Never stop trying. Never stop learning. Live life to the fullest and give it nothing but your best. Your future is bright. For all the times of late night studies, lack of sleep and sacrifice of enjoyment your reward is here.

Let the caps fly and the celebrations begin! Congratulations to you.